MILLPORT, N.Y. (WENY)-- Residents in the Village of Millport woke up to a boil water advisory on Wednesday. The issue was caused by an incident that happened while firefighters were putting out a mobile home fire.

Mike Damon the Mayor for the Village of Millport,  who is also the Assistant Fire Chief says the water system developed a leak that exceeded the well capacity. Currently, they are unable to maintain a safe water level and are working to fix the problem.

Damon didn't expect to start his day off delivering cases of water to residents. Many don't have any access to water in their homes after a mobile home caught fire. So how did a fire cause the town to now be under a boil water advisory?

"It's what they call in the industry water hammer. Too much pressure and no where for it to go," Damon said.

Crews were able to put the fire out within an hour. They are now working to fix the inadequate water pressure issue. When water mains lose pressure it increases the chance that harmful contaminates can enter water through leaky pipes. 

"They know where the leak is so they are digging it up and repairing that as we speak," Damon said.

In the meanwhile Damon says residents can pick up water at the village hall on Main Street. As of now they have given out nearly 25 cases of water. His message to residents is to avoid doing laundry especially whites. He also recommends avoid drinking any water.

"Shouldn't be drinking it, shouldn't be bathing in it, don't feed it to your animals. There could be contaminates in it," Damon said.

The owner of Moonlight Treasures says with no access to water, it makes it difficult to do his job. His business is across from the street from where the water line repairs are being done.

"Like here in the shop the sprays that I make, I make with boiled water, distilled water. I had to take a step back on that until we get it fixed.," Silcox said.

Silcox praised Mayor Damon and crews for working hard to get the water issue fixed, as well as dropping off a case of water at his business.

Damon says the repairs should be completed by Thursday. However they won't be completely out of the woods yet. Crews will need to test the water first and once they have two clean samples within 24 hours of each other, they will lift the advisory.