BUFFALO, N.Y. (WENY) -- The General Election votes are in however; ballots are still being counted across New York State. Democratic candidate Max Della Pia and Republican candidate Nick Langworthy were in Buffalo, New York, last night to be with their supporters during their respective watch parties while the votes were being counted for the 23rd Congressional District.  

It was a race between Della Pia and Langworthy for a seat in U.S. Congress. As the votes showed a promising victory for Langworthy, Della Pia decided to concede from the race during a watch party at the Buffalo Irish Center.  

“The DCCC really never saw it as a possibility, as something that could be won so they really took no interest in the race,” he said.  

During the event, Della Pia announced his concession in the race during a closing speech. Despite the loss, Della Pia said he is proud of his voters. 

“It was 5.4 percent and I got within 4,000 votes...and I won Tompkins County by over 70 points,” he said. 

 Langworthy celebrated his victory at a watch party in Buffalo, New York.  

"I have so much gratitude in my heart and first off, I want to thank God for making this possible...for making all of this possible and the opportunity to change our state and the nation,” he said.  

According to the New York State Board of Elections, out of the 299, 624 votes that have been counted so far, 33.92 percent of voters were in favor of Della Pia. 53.38 percent were in favor of Langworthy. 

 Langworthy said he is proud of his voters and his opponent. 

“I'd also like to thank my opponent...Max Della Pia for a good, clean campaign and stepping into the arena,” he said.