LVIV, UKRAINE (WENY) -- Since the war in Ukraine began nine months ago, the fighting has been primarily in the eastern part of the country. But the western part still faces danger, especially from the sky - in the form of missile strikes.

Earlier this week, Russia launched a barrage of missile strikes across the country; Lviv was one of the regions hit.

"When you see a missile in the sky, it's really scary, and you understand it brings only death, and you think the worst things about Russia, and you cannot understand how human beings can be so cruel," Lviv resident Miloslav told WENY's Nick Quattrini.

Miloslav was a member of the previous Soviet Army, under the former Soviet Union. He explained how Russia is targeting across Ukraine, including his city of Lviv.

"Primarily they are hitting the critical infrastructure, energy objects, plane repair plants, tank repair plants," he said.

With utilities being targeted, electric and gas service is being disrupted across Ukraine. For some residents and businesses, first floor windows and entrances are barricaded with sandbags. Across the city, they're also trying to preserve Ukraine's history - placing protective barriers over certain statues, monuments and works of art.

"Lviv is protected by UNESCO, we have a lot of Renaissance statues, a lot of statues, and they need to be protected. And that's why we put them in [coverings] to protect them from damage," explained Roman, a Lviv resident with the Lviv Lions Club.

The city of Lviv is also equipped with a missile detection alarm, warning residents to seek shelter. Some residents have told WENY News they take shelter sometimes for hours.