ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Arctic League held its annual broadcast fundraiser Sunday morning into the early afternoon. The non-profit hosts the fundraiser so no child in Chemung County goes without gifts on Christmas.

"We raise ideally more than half of our goal every year, just on today doing the telethon. The goal is $130,000 so hopefully we’ll get more than halfway home right now," said Jeff Streeter, the board president of the Arctic League.

The Arctic League did achieve their goal and surpass it. The non-profit received donations from people in Elmira, and from people are far away as Florida and California.

Altogether the organization raised $72,529 - almost $10,000 more than last year.

While many people donated to the cause, one donation stuck out. Rob Cleary, co-owner of Pudgie's Pizza and his friend Joe Norman made a sizable donation.

"Today’s donation was $25,500. We run a golf tournament for this organization and we do it in memory of my late father Michael P. Cleary, founding president of Pudgie’s Pizza," said Cleary.

Clearly said it was a way for him and Norman to get together. He said they're happy to donate to a great cause and Cleary wants to thank the community and local businesses for the support.

Plenty of other businesses and organizations donated to the cause like the Elmira Elks Lodge, the Vietnam War Museum, Swift Glass Company, and the Southport Fire Department.

Another notable donation was made by the Clute Family Donation which donated $10,000.

"We’ve been so fortunate to have so many people step-up and take the initiative to raise additional funds and come donate to the Arctic League," said Streeter.

The Arctic League accepts donations year round and it is the primary fundraiser by the organization. Those who donated today can be memorialized in the "Big Book." The “Big Book” is a collection of the names of all of the people who donate to the Arctic League, along with their addresses and the amount of their donations. Once a donor signs the Big Book, they become a member of the Arctic League for life.

Families in Chemung County who are in need of Christmas gifts for their children this year, you can find the link to the Arctic League's application here.