WASHINGTON, D.C. - A new congress is underway. Western New York’s newly elected Representative Nick Langworthy is set to start representing us in our nation’s capital. However, the House got off to an unusual and chaotic start. 

For the first time in one-hundred years, a new Speaker of the House did not win the that elected position in the first round of voting. There’s been a lot of clashes between a handful of republican members who do not support Kevin McCarthy of California's nomination for the job, even though he got the majority of republicans to vote for him. He didn’t get enough votes on that first round to earn the top spot. Democrats unanimously voted for New York’s Hakeem Jeffries’ as their party’s nomination. The House can’t move forward with business or even swear in their members until a new speaker is elected. 

Over on the Senate, it couldn’t be more different. Members on both sides of the aisle greeted and congratulated each other after taking their oaths of office. New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer (D- NY) swore in for his fifth term as one of New York’s Senators. It makes him the longest serving Senator from that state.

"To every single New Yorker who trusted me with another term as senator, thank you," said Sen. Schumer. "And to my mentor and former colleague Pat Moyniahan, who taught me to dream big to serve the people of New York and I've tried to do that every day in office."