HARRISBURG, PA. (WENY) -- Senator John Fetterman, a Democrat and Pennsylvania's junior senator recently played in a movie that is out now on Netflix. 

Fetterman plays alongside Hollywood star Christian Bale in an 1830's crime-thriller "The Pale Blue Eye". Bale plays the movies titular character, a detective who helps solve a murder at West Point. Sen. Fetterman, plays a conceivably smaller role, playing 'Tavern Man'.  

Fetterman took to Twitter the day the movie came out, writing, "I've never claimed to have a face for TV, but maybe I have one for 1830... don't blink or you might miss us." 

The senator calling back to what Bale said in an interview about Fetterman last year.

"He's [Fetterman] got this fantastic face. I mean, he's this big hulking figure. So I said to Scott (the movie's director), 'We've got to have him in the tavern," I said. 'That's a face that fits in the 1830s.'," Bale said.

Fetterman met Bale and the movies director Scott Cooper previously when they were filming in Braddock, Pennsylvania, the senator's hometown, for the 2013 American crime drama "Out of The Furnace'.