PINE CITY, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Pine City Volunteer Fire Department got up bright and early to serve their community.  As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, the department started cooking breakfast before the moon set and sun rose.  

“Today we have Valentine's Day coming up on Tuesday so we are doing a little fundraiser pancake breakfast,” said Benjamin Butler, Vice President of Pine City Fire Department.  

When the fire department is needed, they spring into action. However, there is lots of behind the scenes work the average person does not see. 

“There is a lot more to it than all the glitz and glory of getting on the truck and going to the calls,” shared Patrick Alison Pine City Fire Chief.  There is a lot of behind-the-scenes fundraisers which make the department keep running. We have all different members here they are very eager to help us out especially with fundraisers like this,” shared Alison.  

The menu was packed this morning with delicious breakfast food. Benjamin Butler stayed up all night to prepare the meal.  

“So, this morning we got delicious pancakes, sometimes you might get lucky and get one shaped like hearts. We have scrambled eggs coming through. We got hashbrowns and as always bacon and sausage,” said Butler. 

While you may walk away with a full belly, the value in Sunday’s event for the department was for a bit more than that. 

“Our main goal is to have our community here, serving the community and making sure everyone is safe,” concluded Butler.