ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Flock Safety Cameras are being installed throughout the city of Elmira, and already 30 of a planned 50 cameras are active. The cameras were installed using funding from the American Rescue Plan, a federal program designed to help local municipalities financially survive the COVID pandemic. 

So, the purpose of these cameras, they are really a license plate reader,” said City Manager Michael Collins.  

Collins provided an example; pretend there is a white, four door Toyota involved in a possible crime. Elmira Police can use the vehicle description to investigate the allegation and figure out if the car was actually involved in a crime or not. 

It is not to catch speeders in the city. It's really a tool to help assist the police department when a crime has been committed and the department is trying to solve it,” said Collins. 

Elmira is a part of a two-year program with Flock Cameras. No word yet on what will happen to the cameras once federal funding has dried up.  

So, we will recess it in the future. We will see first and foremost we need all 50 cameras. We will see if we can absorb it in the budget as a general operating expense in the police budget,” said Collins.