CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- On Sunday, the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes (OSFL) performed with the Young People's Orchestra, along with a guest soloist in the 'Side-By-Side' Concert at the Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG). The two orchestras performed together as part of the Clara Schumann Festival that started on March 4th.

"The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes is an orchestra that is year-round, putting on concerts in the Corning/Elmira area," said Karen Dusek, managing director for the OSFL.

The Young People's Orchestra is a combination of the Southern Finger Lakes Youth Orchestra and its Junior String Ensemble. 

"The Young People’s Orchestra got to perform side by side with the professional orchestra today. We also featured the Concerto Competition winner which is called the Hertzog Concerto and Aria Competition. The winner for 2022 was Isabel Metz," said Dusek.

The Hertzog Concerto and Aria Competition are open to high school students in ninth to 12th grade. According to the OSFL's website, "Eligible instruments are piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and voice."

Isabel Metz is the fourteen-year-old girl who was the guest soloist at Sunday's performance. Metz played the violin, going back and forth, playing on and off, with the OSFL. In order to perform at the Side-By-Side Concert, Metz had to memorize her music - all 12 minutes of it.

"I performed the first movement of (Felix) Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor (and) up until now, I've been working on this piece for maybe two to three months now," said Metz.

When Metz was asked about what advice she had for her younger self, her answer was simple.

She said she would tell 5-year-old her to keep a slower pace, and to use a metronome.

When it comes to March, that means it's 'Music in Our Schools Month' (MiOSM). Metz said music is a great form of entertainment, but also you can feel it.

"You can feel it (music) in everyday life, and it makes people more engaged. It makes people feel emotionally upbeat," said Metz.

The purpose of MiOSM is to raise awareness about the importance of music, especially to children.

Dusek said by teaching kids at a young age about music, helps develop different characteristics.

"It just helps them be successful in so many things in life and the future. Whether it’s work or just daily living," said Dusek.

Sunday's event is one of many performances in the Clara Schumann Festival. The next event will be the 'Schumann Chamber Music and Lieder' on March 31st at 7:30 p.m. at the North Presbyterian Church in Elmira. The event will feature the Edgewood Piano Trio and Todd Thomas.