(WENY) -- When it comes to nutrition its all about eating enough fruits, vegetables and protein but it starts with making sure we have a good breakfast.

"Making sure we have a good adequate source of protein in there I would say having a good high protein breakfast is a good way to set us up to prevent hunger later on in the day also make sure we get a little bit of fruit and even a vegetable in there ." says registered dietitian Melissa Underdown. 

When it comes to how many servings of fruits and vegetables we should have day the answer is at least two to three.

"Two or three would be a great goal but if your not consuming any fruits and vegetables your going to want to start off by making small realistic goals."

When it comes to caffeine all of us are a custom to our morning coffee but how do you know when your consuming too much.

"I'll have a cup or two in the morning but if your continuing to drink through the ladder parts of the day you'll find it hard to sleep or if you find that your heart rate is going up pretty good throughout the day probably some signs you should decrease it a little bit." says registered dietitian Alexander Leritz

Both Dr.Leritz and Dr. Underdown tell me when it comes to sugar its best to stick to artificial sweeteners rather than sugars such as glucose an fructose.  

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