ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Children's Miracle Network at Arnot will be holding their annual radiothon starting Wednesday morning with hopes to surpass $100,000 for 2023. The goal of the annual radiothon is to raise funds for Arnot NICU, Pediatrics, and Maternity departments.  

“It allows us to purchase things that (aren’t) in the everyday budget; some specialty things that the staff needs to have better care for the patients,” said Lauren Little, program director of the Children's Miracle Network at Arnot.  

According to Arnot, fundraising efforts have gotten off to a tremendous start, as initiatives from FLHC and other organizations have already raised over $20,000. Lauren says these funds are crucial in providing quality services to the tiniest of patients.  

“It allows our patients to be able to stay here locally and receive the care they need instead of being transported elsewhere,” Little said.  

The Children's Miracle Network at Arnot has been raising money for years. Starting again this Wednesday from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m., people can support the radiothon by tuning into Wink 106 and Bigfoot Country Radio.  

Lauren says the fundraising efforts hit close to home for her as it ensures that her kids are in good hands in the event of a health emergency.  

“As a mom, it's great that I can support Arnot, bring money here, and make sure that my kids have the things that they need if they needed to be seen at Arnot Health,” Little said, adding, “It makes me feel good that we can provide that to other communities.”  

In 2023, the Children's Miracle Network at Arnot and Wink 106 announced Friday morning the radiothon surpassed their initial $100,000 goal, bringing in a total of $161,168.28.