SPENCER, N.Y. (WENY) -- Every Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:30 AM Inspire Community Center in Spencer hosts parent child playgroups for families to come and play with their children.

Parenting educator of the program Joan Shultz says it started as a grant and has been renewed. Since Covid-19 the program has been taken to different parts of the county.

"It started as a grant with Cornell Cooperative extension and the grants been renewed throughout the years so we just keep offering this since Covid-19 we've been remote so we take it to different parts of the county."

Spencer resident Christian Pasto enjoys bringing his two kids as a way to socialize and learn different activities along the way.

"We have two kids our first is two years old well just about to be two the other one a month and a half old but this is just a great environment for our kid to come over be around a bunch of other kids have some opportunity to socialize and there's a whole bunch of different stations which is cool so they can kind of learn different activities and play with different kids here in the area and its nice cause its a bunch of kids from the community."

Candor resident Jessie Arcadi is a mom who enjoys bringing her baby as an outlet to be around other kids especially during the winter.

"Well I'm a stay at home mom and especially during the winter months there's what do you do you know so it gives us an outlet to be around other kids and babies and play," she said.

Inspire is located on 57 East Tioga Street in Spencer. To learn more about this event and others click here.