ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- More upgrades are coming for Dunn Field in Elmira. The Elmira City Council passed a proposal for a new scoreboard and sound system for Dunn Field, Monday evening.

"As everyone is aware, the city of Elmira received monies from the American Rescue Plan (ARP). We received two separate moneys within a year. So, the round one we did commit x amount of money to go towards improvements Dunn Field," said Elmira City Manager, Michael Collins.

The new scoreboard and sound system will cost $132,923 with the money coming from ARP funds. "This is money we received through the federal government. It is not New York State money... It’s not anything that’s going to create Elmira city taxes being raised," said Collins.

The City of Elmira was awarded 28 million dollars from ARP to make improvements to the city. Monday's proposal 2023-91 for the scoreboard and sound system was sponsored by Elmira City Councilman for the Third District, Joseph Duffy.

Duffy said the scoreboard and sound system had to be replaced because they don't always work. "The scoreboard has been needing repairs for many many years. We’ve patched it, we’ve done different stuff with it over the years, and like anything else, things wear out, and it was time to replace it. We were fortune to get the ARP money," said Duffy.

The Hunt Engineering Company is the business who will assess the facility with what needs to be upgraded. According to Collins, Hunt Engineering has been approved to start working on the facilities at Dunn Field. There is no word at this time when Hunt Engineering will begin working on Dunn Field. As for the scoreboard and sound system, there is somewhat of a time-frame. Duffy said it will take at least 12 weeks for it to get here.

"The goal is to have it up by the season’s start if everything goes right," said Duffy.

Duffy and Collins both agree that Dunn Field is a staple in the community, and is a place people should be able to go to and enjoy themselves. "Dunn Field has been in the community for a long time. It's pretty much a fixture in Elmira and we need to take care of it and make sure it stays up to what it needs to be," said Duffy.

Collins added "Sports are important within the city of Elmira, and we want to make sure that people who go to Dunn Field have a good experience." According to Collins, even more improvements are coming to Dunn Field. "We’re looking at doing things with batting cages, and a tarp for the infield for when it rains. There’s a series of things that as we purchase, it will have to go on the agenda for approval through council," said Collins.