HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Every child takes their own path, they learn, grow, and find their own ways to succeed in life. Just because some children like Nora Klein of Horseheads are diagnosed with developmental disabilities such as Autism, that doesn't mean they get left behind.

“It affected me a little bit because I was falling behind,” said Nora Klein.  

Middlebridge School in Narragansett, Rhode Island spoke about having the right educators to help students feel seen, heard, and supported in the classroom.  

“I think it is important to have educators who have experience,” said John Kaufman, Head of Middlebridge School.  “You need to have folks who understand how learning differences might manifest in the classroom, so they don't unintentionally mislabel behaviors.”  

The nine-year-old learned she can succeed in any environment when she sets her mind to the idea. A program with Big Flats Elementary that moved to Gardner Road through the Horseheads School District provided her with some of the support she needed.  

“Whenever I got angry, worried, or stressed they'd let me take something like a break. It would either be to relax or use some energy like for example there was a trampoline that we could bounce on,” added Nora.  

Every family applies intervention in different ways. For Nora and her family, part of that was through a school program built to support kids on the spectrum. Classroom programs can be key to helping students reach their full potential by giving teachers the tools they need to help. 

“Sometimes what looks disruptive can be enthusiasm or a student who is overwhelmed. So, what looks inattentive can in fact be shame or avoidance. So, for those reasons, I think it is real important that you have that level of expertise,” continued Kaufman.  

There are options that go beyond the classroom like support at home such as speech and occupational therapists. Programs and support both in and out of the classroom can be key to helping a child strike out on their own and take on the world.

“It is okay to say you need help,” shared Benjamin Klein, Father of Nora. “There are a lot of resources out there through school districts and counties and specialists. My personal opinion is you should try to take advantage of each and every one of them. “