(WENY) -- People, governments, and non-profits all over the world are using the month of April to shed light on Autism and show support, acceptance, and understanding. Many bring attention to the developmental disorder to provide a sense of inclusion and normalcy for those on the spectrum.  

“Each person has specific struggles, but they’re not on a list,” Dance & Movement teacher Sara Kiesel said. 

Kiesel has years of experience working with children in special education. Throughout her career, she says the most important thing is having people understand the person.  

“Coming in, we (ask), 'What are these kid's strengths? What does this kid need? How do we see this kid?' and we spend such a long time assessing all of it, and that's what's important,” Kiesel said.  

Kiesel expressed how the foundation of supporting anyone with a developmental disability like Autism starts with making them feel heard and valued. She feels a lack of understanding when someone is young can prevent them from living their best life as they get older.  

“Kids that come (later); they've had all those years of not being seen and having to try and fit in and having to be quiet because they don't know what to say and don't understand stuff,” Kiesel said, adding, “(They have a) huge leg up by coming early and just being seen.”  

The Arc of Chemung and Schuyler provides services to kids and adults with developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Intake and Outreach Coordinator Judy Jarosch said programs are designed to provide support for people in the Twin Tiers.  

“It can make the difference between needing more support and being more independent,” Jarosch said, adding, “Our goal is to always have people live the best life as independently as they (can).”  

Now the services the Arc provide cater to those with other developmental disabilities, not just Autism. This includes developmental health or clinical services, community support and day services, career and employment support services, and housing support when they are older.  

People can learn more about the services provided by visiting The Arc of Chemung and Schuyler's website.