ALBANY, NY (WENY)--Thursday night around 8 p.m., Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a conceptual agreement on the final state budget, 27 days after it's original deadline.

A conceptual agreement is where all of the major decisions have been made and budget bills can start being printed. One of the biggest decisions announced Thursday evening was an agreement on bail reform. 

Gov. Hochul said bail reform is needed and they will be removing the least restrictive means, a standard for judges to set bail. 

"I do believe that judges should have more authority to set bail and detain dangerous defendants," she said. 
Gov. Hochul adds they will be allocating $40 million for public defenders to help them retain staff. The final budget comes in at $229 billion. 
The state constitution requires budget bills to age three days once they are printed. 
Lawmakers will likely be voting on the budget bills early next week.