SAYRE, PA (WENY) -- Guthrie hosted the 6th Annual Research Awards on Friday, April 28th with the hopes of boosting the local medical research community. To help with that goal, Guthrie has partnered with the University of Toronto Press to publish The Guthrie Journal. 

"Our partnership with the University of Toronto Press helps us disseminate that research, to make it available and to participate in these larger conversations that are critical to the health of our communities," said Mikki Smith, managing editor of the Guthrie Journal. 

This year's event showcased 77 posters and 10 oral presentations. Each one of the posters shared key data and details specific to the research being done. 

"My goal was to go into cardiology and I believe (Research Day) helped me... I was able to present my work every year like my other colleagues who might want to go into G.I. or into pulmonary," said Dr. Hammad Rahman, a cardiovascular fellow for Guthrie. 

With an increase in the number of research projects being done combined with the new partnership with the University of Toronto, Guthrie officials say they are hopeful they can fill an important research gap. With many major medical research institutions located in major metro areas, rural patients and doctors are often misrepresented. 

Guthrie is hopeful that Research Day will help fix that problem going forward.