(WENY) -- The Spencer-Van Etten Cheerleading team traveled to Sandusky, Ohio over the weekend to compete in 'The One Cheer and Dance Finals.' Two teams from Spencer-Van Etten competed; the Panther Cubs and the Panther Pack.

"The Panther Pack (competed under) traditional youth rec level 3.1, the younger squad (competed under) traditional rec tiny division level 1. The different levels are based on their abilities when it comes to stunting, and what they're allowed to do for their stunting. So, the higher the number, the more challenging and difficult their skills have to be," said Head Coach for the Panther Pack and Spencer-Van Etten Youth Cheer Director, Catherine Collins.

The teams had been practicing since August, and there were over 170 teams that competed at 'The One Cheer and Dance Finals.'

Collins said she's proud of her team, the Panther Cubs, and all they accomplished during the cheer season. She added, "No matter what happens next season, or the season after that, they will always be number one in our hearts."

The Panther Cubs are coached by Head Coach Taylor Brown, assisted by Faith Broome, Tonya Carnrike, and Jade Carlucci. The squad consisted of 12 girls from kindergarten through second grade.

The Panther Pack is coached by Head Coach Collins, assisted by Melissa Stone and Kim Carr. The squad consisted of 20 girls from third to seventh grade.

To celebrate the cheer squads' accomplishments, Collins said there will be a parade on Tuesday, May 2nd, around 5:30 p.m. passing through the Main Streets of Spencer.

Collins said sign-ups will open by June 1st, and anyone with questions can contact [email protected]com.