SAYRE, Pa (WENY) -- On Tuesday night, a Pennsylvania man promoted his autobiography 'Since You Asked: My Anecdotal Life' at the Sayre Public Library. The book promotion raised awareness about Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS), a genetic cancer disorder that increases the risk of developing cancer.

"This May is LFS (Association) month, so we were using it (the book promotion) as a tool to get out there and start telling people about how important it is to get tested," said James Higgins, an LFS patient.

The book is about Higgins' life, and it mentions what his family members who had LFS, including his father, had to endure.

"[Reading from his autobiography] As the weeks went on, my mother told us years later she could see small changes in my father... Forgetfulness, confusion, clumsiness, blind spots in his vision...," said Higgins.

Higgins said he was able to write his book because of something his wife got him. What started out as a Father's Day gift with a couple of journal prompts turned into a novel.

"When I was doing these StoryWorth things, I would post them (on Facebook) and people ate them up. They said it would be great for a book, and Kathy (Higgins' wife) said 'You know what? that's exactly what we're going to do. We're going to make this into a book and we'll use this as a fundraiser for LFSA," said Higgins.

Higgins and his wife said it's important to have genetic testing done. They said anyone can be diagnosed with cancer at any time, so it's important for people's doctors to have the most up-to-date family medical history on file.

"Our motto at the organization is ‘put cancer to the test’ which is you get genetic testing done. Just ask your genetic counselor, or your oncologist to double-check to make sure nothing is going on," said K. Higgins.

All of the proceeds from J. Higgins' book sales will go directly to the LFSA Youth Program.

If anyone is interested in reading J. Higgins' book, you can purchase it on Amazon, or you can borrow it from the Sayre Public Library.