SCHUYLER COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- As it stands as of May 15th, four counties in the Southern Tier have declared a State of Emergency in direct response to the expiration of the federal rule known as Title 42.

The emergency orders all cited concern that migrants and asylum seekers sent to New York City might be transported to counties in Upstate New York. Local leaders expressed concern that there are not enough resources in the form of housing and social services to meet a potential influx of people.

Along with Chemung, Broome, and Tioga, Schuyler County imposed a five-day order on Thursday; county officials said Monday they are considering extending it. A decision on whether the emergency order will be extended is expected to come on the morning of Tuesday, May 16th. 

"Basically what we are doing is just our infrastructure, our system cannot support such a mass inflow of those migrants and we just wouldn't be able to sustain," said Schuyler County Sheriff, Kevin Rumsey. 

The local state of emergency includes penalties for any municipalities or businesses providing shelter or service to migrants that include fines of up to $2,000 per migrant or asylum seeker per day. 

Tioga County announced Monday it will extend their State of Emergency by an additional five days. Chemung County allowed its five-day order to expire on Sunday, May 14th.