(WENY) -- Travel season is heating up with a peak of pilot shortages taking place throughout the country. Pilot shortage expert Patrick Arnzen tells me the main cause concerning this.

"I'd say the biggest impact though has been that so many of the pilots are retiring over half the us. population right now is over the age of fifty and is going to retire in the next fifteen years."

Patrick says the pilot shortage demand is expected to take years to correct.

"Boeing released an outlook estimating a need for over six hundred thousand pilots by twenty forty one this is on average thirty three thousand five hundred pilots a year and to put this in perspective the FAA has only issued nine thousand airline transport certificates in twenty twenty two."

 One way to help the issue is raising the retirement age.

"There is a proposal in the FAA right now that would raise the mandatory retirement age from sixty five to sixty seven."

A bigger solution in the industry is increased pay and rules.

"With the increased pay and the new work rules that the airlines are getting I think its attracting a lot more people to the space I think a lot of people that never considered becoming an airline pilot are now considering it because it is such an attractive job compared to fifteen twenty years ago."