STEUBEN COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- Steuben County officials issued a statement on Tuesday, May 23rd explaining why the county hasn't followed the steps of neighboring counties in the Southern Tier by issuing an Order of Emergency in response to the influx of migrants and asylum seekers in New York City. To date, Chemung County, Broome County, Tioga County and Schuyler County have issued an Order of Emergency designed to prevent asylum seekers and migrants from being relocated to their counties. 

Steuben County officials said no order was issued because the Steuben has, "has received no indication that asylum seekers/migrants have been or will be placed in the county in the near future."

Officials also detailed their interpretation of New York State Law as it pertains to orders of emergency, saying with no presence of an immediate danger, it would be "improper at this time," to issue an Emergency Order. Steuben officials also say it is their interpretation that Emergency Orders have a maximum time limit of 30 days, and issuing one now could limit flexibility down the road. 

That does not mean that Steuben has announced they are a welcome location for migrants and asylum seekers. Steuben County has made it clear it does not have the infrastructure to handle an influx of migrants and asylum seekers and that it will issue an Order of Emergency if it is needed. 

In order to stay informed County officials say they engage with state agencies on a regular basis and that under State regulations, "for a county or the City of New York to place individuals in temporary housing outside of their jurisdiction, they must notify the receiving county prior."

The full copy of the statement issued by Steuben County can be found below.