CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- GlassFest 2023 officially kicked off with a ribbon cutting at the Corning Museum of Glass. People from Corning’s San Giovanni Valdarno Sister Cities Program are visiting to join in on the celebration. 

During the opening ceremony at the museum, Corning’s Mayor William Boland emphasized the importance of friendship. Boland said he remembers San Giovanni Valdarno reaching out to Corning, shortly after 9/11. 

He said the Italian citizens offered embrace and friendship when cities in New York needed it most during such a difficult time for the state and the country. He added that this long-lasting relationship needed to be celebrated during such an exciting time for the Crystal City.  

“The mayor is just a wonderful person and I had not met her before's a great opportunity to renew our commitment to each other, take our relationship...which has been wonderful for so many-20 years...and just extend it into the future,” he said.  

Tomorrow, the Mayors of Corning and SGV will meet at the Little Joe Tower, in Corning, at 4:00 p.m. They will be re-signing their allegiances and commitment to continue their Sister Cities Relationship.