SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WENY) -- Cherry Lane Park has witnessed every issue from mice, cockroaches, fires, and even residents receiving verbal assault. Neighbors on Sherman Avenue, across from the mobile home park, want the residents to be taken care of.

"All the condemned trailers was supposed to have been removed, and this has been gone ongoing for over a year now, and not one has been removed. What is wrong with this picture?" shares concerned Sherman Avenue resident, Grace Gee.

Jaqueline and her significant other received an eviction notice hours after signing new rules and regulations for the mobile home park. They have until the end of June to leave the property, but they don't plan on moving anytime soon. 

"We don't wanna, no. I mean, I mean, he's been here 12 years. This is where he wants to die, pretty much. You know, it's night. It's nice and quiet now. it has been for a while and I mean, nobody bothers us. We don't bother anybody," emotionally notes Jaqueline Cole, Cherry Lane Park resident. 

Sherman Avenue resident Tina Moore emphasizes the lack of action by the town of Southport. 

"It seems to me they're trying to just get rid of the tenants because okay, you got one or two things that are gonna happen, that park's gonna shut down, or they're gonna start the renovation," said Moore. 

A former trailer home resident recalls his trailer being infested with mice. He moved out of the park a few short weeks ago, after his trailer was condemned. 

"I got tired of the mouse eating my furniture. Like so was these mice run up the walls. I've never seen a mice, a mouse ever in my life run up a wall," recalls former Cherry Lane Park resident Sean Lewis. 

Tina's neighbor Mary, has the same amount of concerns for residents of the trailer park.

Well, the promises that had been made to us residents was that if nothing got done in that trailer park by December, they were gonna close it down. And then lo and behold, it's still operating and still going strong," noted Mary Davenport, Southport resident. 

The takeaway, Cherry Lane Park is unlivable, and the town of Southport has not lived up to its end of the bargain; cleaning up the park, according to the residents and neighbors. WENY News has continuing coverage from residents and neighbors Monday, June 19th at 6 p.m.