CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) --Since opening its doors to students 20 years ago, the Alternative School for Math and Science in Corning has seen huge growth in enrollment and education. To celebrate, the school got creative in a unique way with an Inside Out Project that displays alumni's past school photos and current photos side-by-side on the outside walls of the building. 

“Our installation is really designed to highlight the importance of middle education and the success that is possible for kids when we provide them with what they need during these very critical years,” said Executive Head of School Kim Frock.

The mural of alumni also acts as an inspiration to current students as they walk into school each day, and as a reminder of what they can achieve with their education. The goal of the mural is to showcase the different experiences of the ASMS school community and the importance of a comprehensive middle school education. 

“I thought [the mural] was really cool because you look up to them, and you see what can be done with the education you're given and what you can do twenty years from now," said Aubree Schwind, a current ASMS student.

Longtime Corning community member and ASMS supporter Jim Flaws said he appreciates not only how he was taught, but how current students are being prepared for the world ahead of them. 

“The learning they get across all parts across the curriculum both from science and math to others is really intense. You can see the success stories of many of the graduates and how they've gone on,” said Flaws. 

This installation is the first as part of a national artist campaign and is the only one in New York outside of Times Square.  The mural can be viewed on the outside walls of the ASMS.