ALBANY, NY (WENY)--One of nearly a thousand bills passed this session would allow physicians midwives, and other advanced practitioners to facilitate abortion care via telehealth for out of state residents.

Some Democratic lawmakers said this legislation will provide greater legal protections for New York abortion care providers.

"Our providers are doing the right thing. And we want to make sure they’re not penalized as a result that’s why it’s important,” said Assembly Member Amy Paulin (D-Assembly District 88).

Some Republican lawmakers said this legislation raises concerns of contradicting other state jurisdictions where legislation around this issue may differ to New York.

“From a protocol perspective, I think that raises some red flags and questions. I understand the arguments being made on the other side but I that’s where a lot of our concerns came with the legislation when you have a law in one state that might be contradictory with another state,” said Assembly member Phil Palmesano (R-Corning).

An issue that some lawmakers and advocates have long been pushing for—the bill now awaits the Governor's signature.

If Gov. Kathy Hochul signs this legislation it will take effect immediately.