SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WENY) -- One resident of Cherry Lane Park in the town of Southport said after living therefor more than a decade, they received unimaginable news. 

“The 30-day notice of termination, the only thing that was offered was at the bottom," begins Jacqueline Cole, a resident at Cherry Lane Park. “It says, please take further notice that the failure to quit and vacate the subject premises by the above date will result in a summary proceeding being commenced to recover possession of the subject premises.” 

Jackie Cole and her partner, James Allen say they have many questions and no answers. On May 21st, 2023, Jackie told WENY News hosted a small cookout with loved ones ahead of Memorial Day weekend. A few days after the dinner, on May 26th, Cole said she and her significant other received a “notice of termination” from the law firm representing Cherry Lane Park, LLC. 


“It was the weekend prior to Memorial Day because we had to get both of our children together. His children and my children and that was the only weekend we could do it.  So, we had a little barbecue. We were using a gas grill and we also have a little charcoal tabletop grill. I guess we had a complaint,” Cole explained.  

The notice of termination alleges a bonfire on the property, with excessive noise and illegal drug use. Jackie told WENY News, all of the stated accusations are false.  

“We ran outta [sic] charcoal, so we put a few sticks in it to cook some more hot dogs. That was the 'bonfire', and it sat right here in the middle of the driveway. It was nowhere near it,” Cole said.  "...There was a little music. It wasn't loud. Everybody was gone by 9, 9:30. And the other thing, I have no idea where that came from, but they put illegal drug use [on the notice of termination]. Nobody was drinking, there were no drugs, none of that going on." 

On May 26th, Cherry Lane Park residents say they were informed there was a new property manager, and were asked to sign a set of new rules and regulations. 

“The 26th, the new management came around, or not the new management, but Roy [on site manager], he came around with the new rules and regulations for us to read and sign. So, I sat inside, and I read them. To my significant other, and we both signed them,” Cole shared. 

According to the law firm for Cherry Lane Park, LLC, of the 21 trailers on the property, 11 are occupied. The residents of those 11 mobile homes were asked to sign new rules and regulations. WENY News contacted Silber Investment Properties in Waverly to find out if they are the new management; they have not returned the call. The prior management company, Royal Viking Realty, confirmed to WENY News they no longer oversee the property, as of the end of May. 

 Cole said about 45 minutes after signing the new rules and regulations on May 26th, she and James were served with the notice of termination. This gave the decade-long residents 30 days to vacate the  park. Cole explained the panic and anger that set in for her, and said the shock caused her partner to have a medical emergency. Allen reportedly suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital that same day. Allen is also wheelchair bound, after suffering a stroke last year, Cole said.

“I would say maybe a half an hour, 45 minutes later, we were served with a 30-day notice of termination, which told us that basically, we had 30 days to vacate the premises, because we broke the rules and regulations of the park and that the first rule was open flame for the bonfire,” adds Cole.  

With the clock ticking on the 30 day notice to vacate by June 30th, Cole says she and her partner wasn't sure what to do next, and worry about losing the place they call home.

“We don't wanna [move], no. I mean, I mean, he's [Allen] been here 12 years. This is where he wants to die, pretty much. You know, it's nice. It's nice and quiet now.  It has been for a while and I mean, nobody bothers us. We don't bother anybody. I mean, we're all old. Sorry, but yeah, I'm old,” she added with a slight laugh.  

At the June 13th meeting, Cole said spoke with the attorney for Cherry Lane Park LLC, who has not contacted her since the meeting.  

“...I spoke to him at the meeting. He told me to call him the next day and we did, and he hasn't returned our call yet,” Cole said. 

Jackie plans on attending the July Town of Southport board meeting to understand what is happening next with the park. WENY News will continue to follow this story and update the article with new information if it becomes available.