CORNING, N.Y (WENY) -- Corning's Gaffer District has Summer Sidewalk Sales happening this week. At least 15 businesses are participating in this end-of-the-summer sale. 

This event is put on by the Corning Area Business Alliance. Local businesses put goods out on the sidewalk for a discounted price, up and down Market Street. 

Ashley Cotter, the owner of Pip's Squeak, said this is a way for local businesses to get rid of summer merchandise, in preparation for the fall. People can grab up last-minute summer items for next year or a vacation coming up. 

“The more businesses that we entices people to walk all the way, up and down, Market Street,” she said. “All five blocks. There's so many participating from apparel to services...and, it's just a good way to promote for fall and the holidays, coming up.” 

There is still time to check out the Sidewalk Sales. The event will be going on until Saturday, July 30th, at 8:00 p.m.