CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Rockwell Museum unveiled a new mural on Friday on the Marconi Legion in Corning. The goal is to show the impact of young heroes, and while responses have been mostly positive, the museum says they have been receiving some hate. 

The mural is a combined effort between the Rockwell Museum, the Corning Painted Post High School Learning Center and Corning Community College. It shows that heroes can be found anywhere and explores what a young hero could be. Students chose the theme and design of the painting, and were actively involved in the whole process. 

“The program in collaboration with the HSLC and the college really emphasizes the civic engagement, there's that relationship piece about inclusivity and the perspective that are represented and shared within the community,” said a representative from the museum. 

 The mural is meant to inspire, but the museum says they have received hate and harassment, both online and in person. A representative, who did not want to be named due to safety concerns, says it's gotten to the point where Corning PD was made aware of the situation, museum security is on alert, and that the mural is being watched. 

“It was on site while we were painting with students, [who are] minors. We have experienced [hate] most recently on social media, even just as late as today. Social media, Facebook and Instagram, and phone calls to the museum,” said the representative. 

They also say the museum and the students are not letting the hate ruin the overall message of the mural. A student involved in the mural says the outpouring of community support in response has been overwhelming. 

“I have never felt more support in the community ever, it's so incredibly special to me, and I'm so grateful for everybody who basically supports us and are happy for this, its amazing,” said Salem Estrada, who is the face of the mural. 

Both students and museum representatives say they are proud of the work and the message the mural provides. They say they hope the community can come together and enjoy the piece of art.