(WENY) -- Many women when at work are always trying to balance many competing priorities such as kids in school or what they are going to cook for dinner without knowing how to manage all of them Those with the most stressful jobs are those in a leadership role. 

One of the ways for women to reduce to manage stress for women is the workplace is to have awareness about it. 

"Just being conscience a lot of times our mind will ruminate and its going to stress about things that are out of our control. When I have that happen I try to ask myself a really good question which is do I need to make decisions right now or am I really worried about things that might not be true? Am I telling myself a story maybe I had a situation with another coworker and I'm putting meaning behind something that I don't need to, maybe they're just having a bad day and its not you so you want to really understand that you're not your thoughts." says Co Founder of GoBundance Women Kelly Resendez. 

The biggest key to managing stress and and anxiety is to put yourself first. 

"You got to  put yourself first, you have to learn how to take care of yourself, when you don't sleep your not eating healthy your not spending quality time with friends, a lot of times what happens is we feel lonely and that will cause a lot of the stress or we'll feel burn out." 

Kelly goes on to say whether it be different distractions that make it hard to focus at work the more you are able to balance things outside of work with your career the more successful you will be. 

"People reaching out to us regularly when we're at work or social media or a lot of other things that can deter us from keeping focus it is challenging to be productive and feel successful in your job so when I look at anxiety and stress in the workplace what it does often is it stops us, it actually stops us from wanting to create something more for ourselves or maybe apply for that next promotion where we might be qualified to do a great job simply because we don't think that we need to."

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