TIOGA, Pa. -- (WENY) -- Monday was Tioga Pennsylvania’s 12th annual remembrance ceremony. The ceremony was to honor those who served our country, and to have the community come together as one. 

The ceremony took place on main street in Tioga. A local band played music, first responders offered prayers, and veterans performed a rifle salute. Speakers emphasized the importance of honoring the past to help the future. 

“9/11.  22 years ago, our country was in a state of chaos.  I'm sure I can ask many of you here today to describe that, and you can tell me in great detail where you were and what you did. A day like 9/11 marks your life, its timestamped, and those details don't fade quickly from your memories,” said Sam Vanloon, a speaker at the event. 

 Tioga is a small town of about 600 people, and a fair amount came out to the memorial today. Steven Neff, a local pastor who spoke at the ceremony, spoke to the power of community support on a day like today, and said it can make all the difference. 

“New York City and other places where there is large population, it'd be easy for a small population to say well that wasn't our business.  But it is, it's our nation, our country.  We are the backbones as citizens, whether we be rural or city, and unification and so forth is so vitally important to our survival. We cannot make it all on our own, we need others,” said Neff. 

 People who attended the ceremony echoed the importance of those who served. 

“Its important to remember the people that died today, 22 years ago.  i mean, they got up to go to work, not having any idea what was going to happen.  I think it's important to remember them.  They were just people like you and i going to work,” said Paul Grapenstetter, a ceremony attendee. 

The organizers of the event hope they will continue the memorial ceremony for more years to come, and continue to bring the community together.