NEW YORK STATE (WENY) -- Tomorrow, September 13th, New York gun owners will have to get a background check when they buy ammunition. If someone buys ammo from a gun store, they'll have to go through a background check.

The background checks will be done through the New York State Police.

"It's the same background check that you go through to purchase a firearm. It checks your criminal background [history] to see if you're on any kind of watch or warning list. So, [it's] the same list that would prevent you from purchasing any sort of firearm that could now prevent you from purchasing ammunition," said Steuben County Sheriff, Jim Allard.

New York gun owners will also be charged a fee to have a background check done. For ammo, the cost will be $2.50 and $9 for guns. 

This law will only affect manufactured ammo and you will not need a background check for reloading supplies.