SOUTHPORT, NY (WENY) -- As the clock ticks down for condemned trailers to be removed from Cherry Lane Park in Southport, the project has hit a snag.

As part of the licensing agreement executed with the town in July, the park has 45 days to remove ten condemned trailers, after demolition permits were acquired in early August. At a town board meeting Tuesday night, the town supervisor disclosed that before the demolition can begin, NYSEG discovered some trailers on the property are on shared utility lines. This makes it a challenge to cut service to the condemned units, without affecting certain trailers that are still occupied.

"One of the things when you look to do these these removals, demolitions, you have to work with utility companies to disconnect utilities. Well, as they learned and it was an unforeseen consequence, some of the utilities there for gas are connected to trailers that are to be removed and also interconnected to ones that are also to stay," explained Town Supervisor Joe Roman. " So the bottom line right now, is you can't just take those trailers out because you could be cutting gas off to some of the existing residents. So the bottom line is NYSEG has to come up with a plan to be able to do this to, reconfigure if you will those gas lines so they can do the removal and yet keep those other trailers still intact."

Board members discussed potentially giving the park's owner an additional 45 days to remedy the issue, and remove the condemned trailers. They ultimately decided to stick to the agreed upon timeline, and revisit the issue at next month's town board meeting.

The park's current operating license expires at the end of this year.