5:30PM UPDATE: Elmira police announced the arrest of three teenagers, in connection to a robbery Monday  night in the city.

Elmira police responded to a report of a man on the ground in the area of Perine Street just before 11:00 PM Monday. When officers located the victim, they say he needed medical attention. The victim reported several pieces of personal property were stolen from him, while he was being beaten by three individuals. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of a broken arm, and several bruised ribs.

On Tuesday morning, officers responded to a home on Fulton Street, after the home of a suspect had been identified. According to police, the suspect was in the home, along with several other people. According to Elmira police, the people inside barricaded themselves in the home.

Investigators secured a search warrant while officers attempted to communicate by loudspeaker for more than two hours. Members of the Elmira SWAT team breached the home, and took several people into custody, including three teenagers. Police charged a 17-year-old, a 16-year-old, and 14-year-old with First Degree Robbery. 

The Elmira Police Department said two of the three teens had previously been reported by their parents as runaways several weeks earlier. Officers also recovered some of the personal items stolen from the victim on Perine Street. 

Elmira police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call the police department at 607-737-5626, or the anonymous tip line 607-271-HALT. 

ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- Multiple Elmira police officers are on the scene of an apartment home on Fulton Street on the city's south side.

Police tell WENY News the scene is secure, but did not release any information as to why they were there. A witness told WENY's videographer on scene that officers arrived around 8:30AM, and removed four people from the home.

Police were still on scene after noon, but cleared the area by 12:15PM. 

EPD said more information would be released at a later time.