ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- You may have seen a man on a bicycle, pulling a miniature trailer behind him, around the area over the past several days. That man, 58-year-old Tony Adams, has been cycling the entire country for 23 years. 

“It all started back in '95 when my father was dying of a stroke, and he asked me to find an older brother and bring him home...so he could say his amends to him before he died,” he said. 

Then, Adams hopped on his bicycle with only an army duffel and took off for 30 days, traveling from Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada. Once he arrived two blocks east of the Strip, surrounded by hundreds of people, he knew he had to start asking for directions to the nearest homeless shelter to find his brother. 

“So, I walk across the street, tap somebody on the shoulder, man turned around...it was my older brother,” he said. “Now, I call it fate. I can't argue or try to pick it apart, but someone sent me to go pick the needle out of the haystack.” 

A few months later, Tony's longest journey began. He decided his first trip's destination would be Niagara Falls, New York from Fort Collins, Colorado. It took him 36 days to traverse 1,600 miles.  

After that, he was hooked. 23 years later, Adams found himself in Elmira.  

“This is my second time in New York,” he said. “I'm headed for Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont.”  

And so on... 

Adams does not plan on stopping any time soon. With no partner or children to tie him down, he said he has decided this is how he wants to spend the rest of his life. During his trips, his trailer turns into a virtual home during pit stops.  

Adams said all he wants to do is travel the open road.  

“In the long run, I tell people 'I'm searching for answers to questions that you haven't asked,’” he said.  

There is no ultimate destination for Adams, other than the fact that he said he likes the never-ending journey.