HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) - The Horseheads Hitmen announced the hiring of a new head coach today.

Elmira Heights native, Eugene Barber will lead the Hitmen next summer. 

Barber was previously an assistant coach for the Elmira Pioneers for four years. In 2023, he was the pitching coach for the Pioneers when they won the PGCBL Western Division title. 

In a statement, Barber said his thoughts on becoming the manager of the team. 

"Stepping into the role of Manager for the Horseheads Hitmen is an incredible honor, and I am thrilled for the exciting challenge ahead. My journey, from being a college baseball player to a four-year journey with the Elmira Pioneers, has fueled my passion for the game and honed my coaching expertise. Collaborating with the likes of Andy Drum and Brian Joe, I had the privilege of contributing to the Elmira Pioneers' West Division Championship, an experience that deepened my understanding of the magic that happens when a team truly clicks. Now, as I take the reins of the Horseheads Hitmen, I bring more than just a coaching philosophy – I bring a relentless work ethic and determination, a true grind mentality. I am eager to infuse this spirit into every aspect of our game, fostering growth, passion, and an unwavering commitment to success. Get ready for a season filled with the thrill of hard work, the dedication that breeds champions, and a shared pursuit of greatness. Together, we rise!"