VIRGINIA (WENY) -- Officials with the Virginia State Police confirmed they have finished their investigation into the April death of Tatiana David of Ithaca. Michael Davis, the suspect in the case, has a preliminary hearing on Dec. 15th and is facing charges of abduction by force, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, eluding police and aggravated murder. 

Depending on the result of the preliminary hearing, officials with the Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney said Davis could be tried on all four charges. After the hearing the case will be sent up to a grand jury, and then will have a jury date set. 

This marks the first time that Virginia law enforcement officials have confirmed that Davis could face a murder charge for the death of David. Despite the possible murder charge, officials would not confirm who fired the shots that killed David, after she died following a shootout between police and Davis.

Police previously said Davis started firing at police when they approached the Jeep after he crashed. Police said they returned fire, resulting in Davis and David suffering what was described at the time as "injuries."

David died at the scene, and Davis was transported to a hospital before being treated and released into police custody. Police say Davis abducted David from Ithaca and transported her to Virginia where the shootout would happen.