ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Youth Group Chronicles Christian comedy podcast was created in April of 2022 by a local Elmira resident named Sam Moss. Since the time the show first aired till now it has garnered an impressive following with over 600,000 listens to the show and has earned a top spot on Spotify for religious podcasts. 

The theme of the podcast is to highlight stories that didn't go so well at youth ministry groups and highlight them in a funny way. 

"The mission behind it is to really just give people a laugh and help youth pastors and people in youth ministry learn in a fun way, maybe some things not to do in youth ministries." says creator Sam Moss.  

With a hole in the market now a days for Christianity humor, Moss says he was inspired to create something new and different. 

"When I created youth group chronicles the first thing I was thinking to myself was man this doesn't exist so whether you're someone who is in youth ministry now or someone who is in ministry years ago this is something you can go listen to and laugh about and be like man that was relatable I remember when I had a kid do this I remember when I had students sneak off and do this and its just something everybody can laugh at and have a good time and kind of reflect on maybe there time that they spent in youth group ministry or where there at right now." 

If you would like to get involved with youth group chronicles podcast there are a few ways you can do so. 

"One is if you have a crazy youth ministry story you want to send into the show you can email it to us you can go to ygcpodcast.com, the second thing is you can find us on You tube, Spotify, and Apple youth group chronicles and if you're someone who doesn't like listening to an entire show maybe you just want to watch a clip now and then you can go to Instagram, TikTok,  we're pretty much everywhere and you can learn what not to do in youth ministry and learn from others mistakes." 

To send in a story idea for the podcast or if you want to listen to an episode click here.