CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- It was a celebration  as many came out to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on Martin Luther King Jr. day  A day that was filled with music, food, and reflection had many looking back at the history of reverend king  himself.

"Today we're celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., his work for the community, and for us people here in the United States so it's important that, one we not only acknowledge his work his legacy, but also educate our youth about the work he's done in the community;" says 171 Board Member, Babatunde Ayanfodun. 

Local singer song writer named Singtrece Mclaurin started the day off  on a high note as she greeted guests with her empowering voice singing songs representing struggle and hope. 

"Martin Luther King came here cause he was special in our eyes, he made the world change, we wouldn't be able to do this a long time ago you know what I mean, I wouldn't be able to just talk and say hey this is an amazing thing so me being able to be here today is because of MLK, making a change and saying hey we can be able to co exist together and bring love together, so that's my motto, changing hearts one positive note at a time so I can be like Martin Luther King and just spread the love;" says singer songwriter, Singtrece Mclaurin. 

Many enjoyed viewing different portraits that were set up of Martin Luther King Jr. Families and their kids were also greeted with a free lunch. Throughout the day there were art and dance workshops and African American storytelling. The message of this day continues to be, to keep striving to make dreams a reality.

"I'd say one message is for us to come together as a community to see better things happen for us in the community, work together continue to strive for us to see our dreams come true;" says Ayanfodun.