ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Cayuga Health is expanding its horizons for patients to receive care at the Ithaca Mall. Jeffrey Penoyer, the Chief Operating Officer for Cayuga Medical Associates, said improvements to the new facility were made to prioritize patient care. 

“One, we think it’s a great investment in the community and to the mall and to help bring patients back,” he said. “Second, I think it’s a wonderful chance to really increase collaboration around patient care.” 

Penoyer said the focus of the facility is to make all different kinds of care accessible to patients in one location.  

“We have our Cayuga primary care services, here at the mall,” he said. “Cayuga rheumatology, Cayuga cardiology, as well as...a lab patient service center.”  

Caring for the staff's needs was also at the forefront for Cayuga Health when developing the new location. As patients and faculty walk around the space, Penoyer said the use of natural light and soft sounds is aimed to create a calming atmosphere.  

“We also really focused on lighting,” he said. “Making sure the lighting was bright for all of our care teams and patients, so it didn’t feel like you were really deep inside a mall location.”  

He added that each “pod” that is used by a care team has lighting features that change over the course of the day to replicate your experience outside. 

The opening of this new facility at the Ithaca mall is an investment in the people of Ithaca, Penoyer said.  

“This provides the side of Ithaca with a chance to really have an experience with consolidated care in one location,” he said.  

Cayuga Health at the Ithaca Mall is projected to open on March 25th.