PA Bill Expedites Unemployment Benefits for Domestic Violence Victims

HARRISBURG, PA (WENY) -- If you or a loved one is in a domestic violence situation, everything in life can be turned upside down. Your health, your relationships, and even external factors- like your job.

Today, a Pennsylvania House committee passed a bill that expedites the unemployment filing process for those experiencing domestic violence.

Representative Ryan Mackenzie (R-187) sponsored the bill. He identified that people trying to escape domestic violence situations may have to quit work to avoid being found by an abusive partner.

But, requests for unemployment benefits for the transition can be complicated by explaining the situation to government officials, and sometimes take months to process.

House bill 1446 creates an expedited filing process for those in potentially dangerous situations. The bill passed out of the House Labor and Industry Committee today with a unanimous vote.

“We have to be very compassionate and understanding of someone who is in a domestic violence situation like this. It is not their fault," said Mackenzie. "And so we need to make sure they receive the benefits that they are actually entitled to and that they can get them in the quickest way possible.”

Mackenzie specified that businesses will not have to pay for the unemployment costs of employees who leave in this circumstances- which was a concern for some organizations 

The bill can now be voted on in the House, which returns to session on March 18th.


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