MILLPORT, N.Y. (WENY)-- April 1st marks the beginning of Trout Season in New York.  This tradition attracted people near and far as many were eager to grab their fishing hooks in Millport, today. 

''I have been doing this ever since I was a kid. My uncle, my parents always got me into the outdoors and fishing just as much as they can.  I always appreciate them doing this. It's always been fun,'' said Mike Hines, a resident of Odessa. 

Mike enjoys the pleasure of fishing with his family and friends. Whether or not luck comes his way, he said he always has a great time. 

The streams of the Southern Tier are well known as they attract people from outside of the area.  Douglas Schmidt came from as far as Cazenovia to fish with his uncle at Catherine Creek.  The camping and fishing in this area have attracted him and his family for decades.  Robert and his uncle were lucky because they had a good catch. 

''I've caught 5 and lost 2. He caught six and lost a few of them. Anywhere between 12 and 15 inches. Nothing has been horribly big,'' said Douglas Schmidt, a resident of Cazenovia, N.Y.

Robert from Savona was not as lucky as Douglas in the fishing today. He explained that Climate Change is creating some difficulty in the traditional trout season. 

'' The seasons are getting warmer earlier, so the fishes are responding sooner and doing their runs earlier. Then, we the fishermen come out in April and get nothing,'' said Robert Wills from Savona.

The trouts migrate to and from the lakes via the many streams in the area.  Springtime is when they can be spotted along the streams and rivers. 

For many anglers, fishing isn't just about the fish. Trout season typically runs through October 15th.