ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The non-verbal, high-energy performance of “Stomp,” which has been captivating audiences since the 1990s, is heading to Elmira’s Clemens Center. “Stomp” is a unique musical experience that creates music from everyday and unconventional items.

“It’s not a musical, although it is highly musical, and there are eight people on stage playing very unconventional objects, at least as instruments,” shared cast member and performer Madeline Jafari. “They’re very conventional objects but unconventional to use as instruments, making music.”
Eight performers will take the stage, using objects like trash cans, pipes, brooms, and a long list of unconventional items to create beats. The cast spent a month in New York City learning the show’s choreography with one of the main showwriters.
“The choreography is primarily written by one person named Luke,” said cast member and performer Declan Hayden. “He’s one of the creators of the show, and in preparing to do it, we all trained for about four weeks in New York City. We were really lucky because we got to train with Luke, so that process was illuminating.”
From the Big Apple to the Twin Tiers, the cast hopes the show will inspire audience members with spirit, laughter, and a chance to reflect on everything they’re seeing and hearing.
“It’s non-narrative, so you’re not maybe going to walk away super emotionally changed, but I think to be moved because there are very different people on stage,” said Jafari.
Jafari and Hayden shared with WENY News from their hotel room in Indiana that the show’s goal is to invite the audience to make music.
“You can find beautiful sounds in the mundane, in the normal, in the daily objects,” said Jafari.

“Stomp” will be taking to the Clemens Center stage on Tuesday, April 9th, and Wednesday, April 10th, with the curtain rising at 7:30 pm. The show has no intermission, and the rhythmic symphony is open to your interpretation. Tickets and details about the show can be found here