(WENY) -- If you've heard some loud 'boom' noises lately, you are not alone.  There might be a logical explanation for why these noises are happening.

David Thornton lives in Ithaca.  On April 15th, he said he heard several loud noises, along with some shaking.  He said at one point, he saw his fish tank shaking in the wake of the noise.

"At the time, I wasn't 100% sure what it was.  I thought this was more of a truck and trailer going by, it was two sharp types of jolts. We heard the noise associated with it, but there wasn't anything that even appeared to be lightning in the area," said Thornton.

Booms were also reported in the Hudson Valley.  The Daily Voice reported that booms were heard on April 13th, and police were called to investigate.  They said there was nothing to be found.

A representative from the National Weather Service has a theory about this phenomenon.  He said the loud booms heard on Sunday could be a result of recent thunderstorms.

"What happened was, there was an inversion in the atmosphere, which means the temperature actually increased as we went up with height and the thunderstorms were below that inversion. That increased with height, temperature with height. So, when a thunderstorm is below that inversion, the thunder from those storms are actually going to sound a lot louder and it can cause the ground to shake, so that is what we think is actually had caused all the rumbles [Sunday], as well as the loud booms that folks were hearing," said John Lott, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Binghamton.

These loud booms were heard throughout the Finger Lakes Regions, past Lansing and Ovid, and near New York City. The U.S. geological Survey did not report an earthquake on Sunday, April 14th.