BATH, N.Y. (WENY)-- Many attended the Bath Memorial Day Ceremony to honor our fallen men and women who bravely fought for our country. The Hon. Guy Kiyokawa was the guest speaker at today's event. 

''These are the types of people who are willing to serve their country and there is no greater sacrifice that can be done to serve their country. Today, for Memorial Day, we are recognizing those who paid the ultimate price for their country,'' said Guy Kiyokawa, the Assistant Secretary, Veterans Affairs of Enterprise Integration.

Kiyokawa said that the Department of Defense has 155 National Cemeteries. National Cemeteries were created after an estimated 70,000 soldiers died during the Civil War. History with the America's soldiers run deep to the core of the town of Bath. 

''Bath itself is very historic because this the start of the soldier's home that became the hospital. The fact that they chose Bath is really a sign of the support for the community. This particular cemetery is the first place where a lot of the Union Soldiers were buried,'' said Guy Kiyokawa. 

Eugene Gerrard is a 102-year-old Coast Guard veteran, who resides in Canadaigua. He said that he was stationed on Long Island when a plot was discovered that German saboteurs had planted explosive materials in an attempt to disrupt America's Defense Production during World War Two. 

''Thank God the Coast Guard people were walking to the beach that night. They lashed out at the Nazis before they were ever in NYC because they had supplies to bomb up NYC,'' said Eugene Gerrard, a Coast Guard Veteran. 

Eric Foster is an Air Force veteran who attended today's ceremony. He says that it is important to recognize those who gave their lives in service to this country. 

''We can not forget to show gratitude to the service members of that participated in the defense and promotion of this way of life and afforded us this freedom we now live and experience. 

Mr. Kiyokawa said that he urges everyone to visit the Veteran Affairs Legacy website, so that veterans can get the recognition they deserve.