HARRISBURG— Today, two capitol police officers who were working on January 6 visited Harrisburg. It was the first in a state wide campaign tour to support the Biden/Harris ticket.

The two men talked with Democrat lawmakers about their experiences and interactions with the public since.

Officer Harry Dunn commented on how some Americans say the coverage around January 6 is unfair compared to black lives matter riots from the summer of 2020.

He emphasized that as a law enforcement officer, he recognizes that communities got hurt the summer before—and asks other officers and citizens in turn to take serious what he experienced on January 6.

Both officers pointed to Trump’s glorifying of January 6 as dangerous and a betrayal.

“He watched the attack unfold from the White House. And while he was watching, I was fighting for my colleagues,” Sgt. Aquilino Gonell. "I was fighting to get every elected official, including those who now say that nothing happened to me, to my colleagues, to our nation, to a capitol.”

The men say they want to reach people in communities who have questions about the day and are curious about a first hand point of view.