HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Wednesday marks the third consecutive day with temperatures soaring into the 90's and causing locals to ask the question 'should I get an A/C unit?' In fact that answer leans towards 'yes' as units are flying off the shelves at Horseheads Do it Center.

"It's the Perfect Air Systems that we have here," says Sales Associate at the Do it Center, Max Bernhard. "We've been selling these guys since I've been here. I've been here over 15 years and that's been our brand title reasonably priced and well-equipped, depending on the room size."

Meteorologist and Healthcare experts are recommending that everyone from the Twin Tiers to the West Coast stay cool and hydrate often. There are many units to consider in the sizzling heat, especially units with the best British Thermal Units (BTUs,) and right amount of units to keep your home, apartment, or shelter cool.

"The BTUs you want to get. You want to make sure your room fits the BTU so you're not overworking it and trying to hurt the unit," added Bernhard.

Bernhard says to keep in mind that safety comes first. He says users should not use an extension cord for an appliance like this because it may cause "calling the boys in the red trucks."

The Horseheads Do it Center sells a variety of units and the store says they are reasonably rated starting at $179 dollars and higher. This heatwave could be the first of many with the official first day of Summer being on Thursday, June 20th.