ALBANY, N.Y. (WENY) -- The New York State Department of Health is launching a campaign directed at lead poisoning awareness. "Don't Bring Lead Home" is an initiative to inform the public on the dangers of lead exposure in adults, and how certain hobbies and jobs pose certain risks.

“When we think of lead exposure, we most often think of children, but it is important to recognize that adults can also be exposed to lead either through work, home improvement projects or hobbies,” State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald said, adding “I encourage people who work with - or around - lead to take precautions and reduce lead exposure while working as lead can have damaging effects on adults too.”

Messaging will go on social media platforms targeted at people with occupations or hobbies that involve lead such as target shooting and hunting. Another campaign directed at the dangers of childhood lead exposure is expected later this month.

One of the most common ways for adults to be exposed to lead is by renovating or remodeling dated homes with lead-based paints. Lead dust is particularly dangerous through its ability to cling to surfaces and be tracked into the home.

Lead exposure has been known to cause decreased brain and kidney function, as well as raise blood pressure and increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.