Each year, June 24th marks the Universal Romanian Blouse Day. A group of Pennsylvanians marked the occasion in the Capitol today, highlighting the deep culture behind a popular style.

The day was established back in 2013, to celebrate how a clothes style that started in Romania has been popularized across the world.

The blouse itself was first recorded in 6th century BC.

Speakers praised how the day is celebrated in over 50 countries, and how the blouse itself was added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2022. Much more than a feminine style, today’s speakers remembered how the shirt is tied to a culture that has kept its identity through invasions and wars across the centuries.

“For those of us who wear an IE today, this is not just about making a fashion statement,” said Romana Roman, Executive Director of the Romanian Community Center. "It’s about embracing a legacy, understanding the weight of history and also honoring the craftsmanship behind those blouses.”

One cultural tidbit—the traditional Romania countryside, older women would wear simpler colors and patterns, while younger women stuck with intricate and colorful styles.