ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- An urban folk band from Odesa, Ukraine is traveling the country performing in an effort to raise money for a hospital back in Ukraine.  On Tuesday night, Kommuna Lux performed at the First Unitarian Society in Ithaca in front of a full house.

"Our music is really different, and music is a language of the world," said Viktor Lyhkhdko, the manager of Kommuna Lux.

Kommuna Lux plays traditional Klezmer and Balkan music.  This summer, they're traveling to 30 cities to raise money to donate 10 treatment beds for burn center in a hospital in Eastern Ukraine.  The beds are used to treat critically injured patients from territories of active shelling.

"We asked ourselves where we can be the most valuable, the most, where we can use our better options for Ukraine," said Lyhkhdko.  "For now, we feel that it's music and we're trying to collect donations for people and for soldiers who need some help in our country."

All of the members traveled from Ukraine to play around the United States.  Ithaca was the first stop on the 2024 tour.  Last year, Kommuna Lux toured Europe to raise money.

"It's a big honor for us that people all over the world, and especially in the United States, support [from] not only governments [but] people, just usual people who want just to know better our culture, especially music culture. They come to our concerts and share their joy with us and we share our joy from the stage with them, so that's for us very important," said Lyhkhdko.

Partnered with the Rotary eClub of Ukraine, the band played for a full house of supporters.  Each ticket cost $20, and donations could be made directly to the fund for the hospital.

"I'm here to support the fundraising of this group because so many times, I feel like I want to help, but am not sure that giving to an agency is effective.  But because this is first hand, I know that it will [make a difference]," said Theresa Stanley, a concert attendee.

Kommuna Lux includes seven conservatory-trained musicians. The band name refers to the shared housing known as Kommunalka, a widespread form of communal living in twentieth-century Odesa, while “Lux” emphasizes the joy of this community.

Kommuna Lux is performing until August, all over the Northeast United States and Canada.  Since all the band members are of military age, they have to go back to Ukraine, but say they plan to tour the West Coast next fall.